Hi. I’m Goran Murić

I am a Research Computer Scientist at the USC‘s Information Sciences Institute - Artificial Intelligence Division working closely with prof. Emilio Ferrara. I got a PhD in Engineering at TU Dresden at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

I am a DARPA-funded researcher interested in a wide range of problems at the intersection of Machine Learning, Agent-based Simulations, Causal Modelling and Network Theory. I have extensive experience in managing large cross-domain scientific teams, as well as conducting the research independently. I study complex machine-to-machine, machine-to-human and human-to-human interactions and address technical and societal problems leveraging the online and offline data. I build novel technologies and state-of-the-art methods for Machine Learning applications.



Spring 2022 - DSCI550 - Data Science at Scale

Current Projects

DARPA funded - “UPSCALE: Universal Population Segmentation and Characterization Algorithms for OnLine Environments” under INCAS [Co-PI]

Developing the next generation of tools and techniques for awareness and sensemaking of online influence campaigns, including their detection, characterization, quantification of confidence, and tracking.

DARPA funded - “DARMA: Dialogue Agent for Reducing Malicious Acts”

Developing a multilingual, adaptable system that mediates online dialogue so as to limit communication breakdown due to toxic behaviors. A mediator can facilitate discussions by removing offensive comments that violate community guidelines, inflame controversy or deceive, or by appealing to civility, acting as a role model, and, if necessary, limiting distracting voices when their contribution is detrimental to the community’s welfare.

DARPA funded - “COSINE: Cognitive Online Simulation of Information Network Environments” under SocialSim

Developing the first-of-its-kind cognitive agent simulation framework for studying multi-scale dynamics of social phenomena in online information environments. COSINE’s multi-resolution, scalable framework will enables time-resolved, massive simulations of dynamic, networked information environments.

Keston and ISI Exploratory Research Award - “Identifying Populations Susceptible to Anti-Science” [Co-PI]

We built a system for automated detection of anti-science and anti-vaccine narratives online. Our algorithm can detect the Twitter profiles to likely to spread anti-vaccine sentiment up to one year in the future.


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